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Mr. Turner and his morning coffee

by Rebecca Veksler on January 10, 2017

Mr. Turner and his morning coffee 


feature-768x1024This one is for my Coffee Snobs. Nothing beats walking in the door of your favourite cafe to the clicking sound of the bean grinder and the bitter-sweet aroma of coffee beans as it sensually manoeuvres it’s way through the air until it layers itself into your lungs like velvet.

If you’re not familiar with Sydney, Melbourne, or majority of Australia’s cafe culture, then let me fill you in on a little something: we are coffee snobs. Coffee snobs are a special variety of humans who have a very distinct desire and taste when it comes to their morning brew.

Coffee snobs scour their working and living habitat for the cafe that has the perfect roast and tamping that hit our senses yearn for. It’s not just a quick fix for us. It’s an experience of going to your favourite local spot every day because you specifically require their coffee beans to function like a regular human being.

It also doesn’t hurt that our chosen cafe has an awesome barista who you probably know better than most of your work colleagues – after all, these valuable humans prepare our cup of life (which is known off by heart by our said-fellow as we’re such regulars).


coverphotoWith so much attention on the health benefits of coffee – in moderation – or where the coffee beans have come from, have you ever thought about the containers from which we consume our elixir? How many chemicals exist in takeaway coffee cups? The majority of “paper” coffee cups actually have a plastic lining which doesn’t break down like paper, and we know how risky drinking from heated plastic can be.

I’m a fan of things that look great – I know, hard to believe, right? – and I’m always on the look out for the must-have item for essential things in my life. Coffee is most definitely one of them.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the beauty that lies within the SoL Cupsthen let me be the one to lead you into the light. SoL Cups are chemical free, hand-blown, reusable glass cups with food-grade, BPA-free silicone details that make coffee taste as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey.

Designed with the Bondi frame of mind, where every day is a vacation, SoL cups come in a variety of colours with seasonal limited edition designs popping up every so often. I’ve bought myself two that I keep at my desk in the office for my morning coffee – who knows which colour will match what I’m wearing for the day?



Coffee pour“Long black with a dash of cold milk,” “large, extra hot soy latte to-go,”  or even “regular, 3 quarter full, strong mocha” are but a few requests you may hear upon eavesdropping on orders at a coffee store in Sydney. With orders like these, you can imagine how picky we are with the beans they are made with, so why not be just as picky as we are with what we use to drink them from?

You can shop the SoL collection by clicking here and read more about their story by clicking here.

Original Blog  Written and photographed by Jordan Turner, taken directly from his beautiful website Mr Turner 

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