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Take us home Naked...

by Rebecca Veksler on March 04, 2021

It is not unusual that we are all spending a lot more time at home. Beautifying and making your living space your own unique feel has also been very much part of the new normal. And so is making coffee at home. Small gatherings, cute at home dinner dates and friendly feasts are very much part of the new wave of safe socialising. So why not be serving beverages in the most beautiful glassware? Our Naked edition comes with 4 glasses in our 12oz size, perfect for wine, cocktails, mock-tails, juice, jelly, fruit frappes, smoothies and everything in between! Or maybe you already have some Beautiful SoL cups at home! Collect different sleeve colours to jazz up your dining table experience. 



Here are my 4 favourite ways to jazz up water if you want to impress your next dinner guests! 

  1. lemons, limes, and oranges! Add some zest, some peels and a citrus squeeze of your favourites, its the perfect way to make a fresh and summery impression! 
  2.  Cucumbers! Simple and sweet. Its a really cleansing appetiser, something to get their taste buds refreshed before the marvellous meal appears.
  3. Strawberries or raspberries! This is a great palate cleanse before desert! Add a few berries for a fruity surprise. Pink bliss! 
  4. Fresh herbs – you want herbs that are sweet and flavourful, like mint or sweet basil, This is perfect if your meal is going to be heavy! A really nice way to help with digestion and things on a fresh note. 






Remember to tag us in your at home SoL adventures! 


Love and light,